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From the moment you are charged with Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence in Buffalo, New York, you may face the immediate loss of driving privileges and vehicle impoundment. This is why it is imperative that you hire an experienced and qualified DWI / DUI attorney immediately. A conviction for DWI or DUI may result in fines, house arrest, local incarceration, and in some cases, even prison time.

What consists of a DUI and a DWI in Buffalo New York?

In NY the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit is set at 0.08% for drivers over the age of 21. For those under 21, the BAC limit is 0.02- 0.07. For commercial drivers, the limit is 0.04% An aggravated DWI (A-DWI), consists of a BAC of 0.18% or more.

In New York State, having a license to operate a motor vehicle automatically provides your consent to be tested if stopped by a law enforcement officer while driving. This is the law of “implied consent” and can be used by the officer to test you if you are stopped on the suspicion of drunk driving. They can test your BAC by either through a blood test, or by using a breathalyzer test. If you refuse to take either test, the result will be your license being revoked for one year and a fine of $500 for your first offense. If you refuse a second time within 5 years of the prior refusal, you will be fined $750 and at minimum lose your license for 18 months. You would also have to reapply for a new driver’s license.

If you are convicted of a DUI / DWI, points will be added and your license will be suspended or revoked depending on the existence or non-existence of your previous record. Regardless, an experienced attorney is paramount to your driving and employable future.

As a former prosecutor in the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Riordan has prosecuted and tried hundreds of DWI / DUI cases, both at the felony and misdemeanor level. As a defense attorney, he has utilized this vast experience to defend those who have been charged with DWI or DUI. Mr. Riordan is dedicated in achieving the best outcome for every client.

Mr. Riordan’s zealous representation and uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. His success in the courtroom is a reflection of their experience, expertise, and thorough preparation. He has been presented with many prestigious awards for his many years of hard work and success in law. If you find yourself charged with a DWI or DUI in Buffalo, you’re going to need someone who is going to fight for you and who is not afraid of the courtroom.

Why choose the Law Office of Scott F. Riordan over those big law firms that are advertising constantly and spend tens of thousands of dollars on TV? Most times at the larger law firms, your case will be passed off to a junior partner or even sometimes outsourced. You deserve better! When you hire Mr. Riordan to represent you in your DWI case, he will be there to fight for you.


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